LeaseLobster World Premier at the Texas State University Housing Fair

LeaseLobster World Premier at Texas State University Housing Fair

Students at the LeaseLobster World Premier

Today (February 21, 2012), Protect A Lease Inc, debuted their first smart phone application, LeaseLobster, at the Texas State University Housing Fair in San Marcos, Texas.

LeaseLobster is an easy to use, in-depth app that helps you find the best apartment or rental property to live in. There may be dozens or even hundreds of places available for rent in your town – trust the Lobster to help you pick like a pro!

Start by filling in LeaseLobster’s report card for each property you are considering. LeaseLobster uses the standard A-F grading scale and calculates property averages based on a 4.0 – just like a school’s report card.

Its easy and fun to grade properties based on a variety of factors such as location (is it close to work or school? is it a safe neighborhood), general factors (reputation, getting to see a copy of your lease in advance, cosigners required), parking (what is available for you and your guests), security (on-site security, cameras, crime statistics, lighting), costs (what are the upfront costs like background checks, utility deposits) as well as monthly costs and pet deposits if required), penalties and fines (late fees, fines for overnight visitors, early move out, subletting), maintenance and repairs (maintenance staff on site, response time, if you rent a home, do you need to mow the lawn) and move-out requirements (carpets professionally cleaned, required notice to vacate, damage assessments). Just ignore any criteria that you are not concerned about and LeaseLobster will ignore it as well!

By grading the properties, your favorites will quickly appear; now, find the best deal by using LeaseLobster’s built in budget calculators to see how each property’s costs compare. You can calculate your total move in costs including deposits and other fees and your ongoing monthly expenses including rent, utilities and other costs as well.

You can even ask the Lobster to send you a report by email that includes all the comparison details side-by-side – suitable for sharing with friends or even to explain to your parents how you chose your new place to live.

Use LeaseLobster to Plan, Price and Pick properties like a pro!

LeaseLobster version 1.0 is a beta test release available for download from the LeaseLobster website. LeaseLobster v1.0 is available for both Android and iOS based smart phones.

Protect A Lease Inc provides valuable assistance to tenants and landlords, across the full range of experience from first time to seasoned professional, through a combination of smart device apps and server-based software.

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