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LeaseLobster Plan...Price...Pick!

What is LeaseLobster?

Lease Lobster is a FREE easy-to-use mobile application that empowers future renters by providing them with a rating system and comparison tool for choosing a new home.

Our personalized rating system calculates property scores based on YOUR input and saves them to your account. This gives you all the information you need to pick your perfect place in a SNAP!


LeaseLobster allows you to:

-Create your own budgets
-Scope out the locations
-Evaluate each property
-Objectively compare properties
-Share your selection


LeaseLobster is FREE on the iPhone and Android market so it is accessible to almost everyone with a smart phone.

Want to pick your future home like a PRO? Download LeaseLobster right now from the APPLE APP STORE or GOOGLE PLAY.  Use the links below from your Mac or PC or use the APP STORE APP OR GOOGLE PLAY (OR ANDROID MARKET) app on your smartphone.