Apartment Hunting

Start searching early

When hunting for an apartment, it is always best to start looking sooner rather than later. Most apartment complexes will offer special deals and lower rates to encourage early signing. Another benefit is that more units will be available so you will be more likely to get that unit that is just right for YOU

Know your price range

While it is important to explore all your options when searching for your future apartment it is equally important to know your restrictions.  There is no need to waste time looking at places you know will be out of your price range.  This is a good point to discuss with your parents, don’t tell your friends you can sign at a place if you aren’t aware of your budget.

Ask friends

Sometimes the best thing to do when making a decision is to look to your friends for advice. If they are having an awesome experience at their apartment complex, it might be a good idea to check it out. But on the other hand, if you hear nothing but negative comments about a certain apartment complex it is probably not worth exploring.

Other Restrictions

When you sign your lease, you will be shown a list of apartment rules and regulations. Though you might not pay attention to most of them, most of them will directly affect you.  The most common rule is with regard to pets, whether it may be that they are prohibited or there are absurd additional charges for owning one. Other rules may include smoking restrictions, facility hours, building rules, etc. Make note of these restrictions while hunting for apartments.