Moving In!

Create A Calendar–Plot Your Moves

When planning a move, it is always beneficial to draw up a calendar as a reminder for various preparation duties. Make your best estimate of the time it will take to coordinate, pack and transport your belongings but add an extra 25% to account for spontaneity.

Maintain a positive attitude.

Moving can sometimes seem like an endless and daunting task. It is important to stay optimistic and strong to face any challenges that may arise.

Call your friends.

Moving can be a full-day process after loading things up, unloading them and unpacking boxes into a new home. It is always motivational and helpful to have friends help out and ease some of the stress.

Pick a relaxing day to move-in.

Schedule your move for an energetic time with low traffic. Move-ins can be stressful from the beginning but can get more difficult when faced with frustrating situations such as high traffic and extreme heat. If you expect an easy move-in, avoid rush hour and do it in the middle of the day.

Clean before you start to get messy.

We know it’s not the most exciting thing to do first but change the toilet seats and disinfect the fridge. This is the best time to set traps if you have any concerns about pests, including roaches, rats and bedbugs.

Extra boxes are your new best friend.

It is not a good feeling when you run out of boxes and still have a room full of items left to pack. Anticipate that you may need ten to fifteen boxes than you expect.

Uh oh, your mini fridge won’t fit in the car.

Make sure to keep a mental or physical list of valuables that you will need special transportation arrangements for the move.

Don’t forget that tape measure.

Is your apartment furnished or unfurnished? Before moving your possessions, carefully measure both the space of the apartment itself and the hallways and staircases that lead to them, to make sure that everything will fit. There’s nothing worse than realizing too late that your new couch won’t fit up the stairs. [Who remembers that scene from FRIENDS when all the characters are moving Ross’ new mattress up the stairs for almost the entire episode?]